WaardeX expands its solutions into South Korea

Starting from July 2018, WaardeX programmatic technology is available for advertisers and publishers in South Korea.

Having access to more than a billion consumers, WaardeX will enable media buyers and marketers to easily reach valued audiences in a fully omnichannel way across all devices.

“Korean market is still at the stage of implementing programmatic and real-time bidding technologies. We believe that our expertise in adtech will help to shape the future of programmatic in the country. An easy-to-use advertising platform and clear technology delivery will encourage Korean marketers and media buyers to go deeper into the ecosystem without trouble”, says Roman Antropov, CEO at WaardeX.

Programmatic advertising helps media buyers and marketers use their advertising budgets with the highest value. Deep targeting options and smart optimization algorithms help both lead communication with the most desired audiences and control the cost flow. With profound programmatic technology, marketers can better understand their target audiences, as well as control their spends and placements via different channels and platforms across the web.

“WaardeX has developed an advertising platform with all the functionality inside. We put our efforts into providing our clients with the best programmatic experience, making this smart technology clear and easy to use”, adds Mr. Antropov.

WaardeX is a global provider of unified, cross-channel and multi-platform marketing technology solutions. The company provides strong technology, premium inventory and leading security practices for its clients in a way that’s easy to understand and use. For more information please visit: waardex.com.

Global share of programmatic spend is growing. According to World Federation of Advertisers the budgets for programmatic advertising are going to increase from 17% of total digital media investment in 2016/17 to 28% in 2017/18. According to MAGMA research, the Asia-Pacific region makes for 22% of worldwide programmatic spends and its share in developing countries is growing rapidly.

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