WaardeX partners with Forensiq by Impact, a top fraud prevention tool

WaardeX, a global marketing technology company, announced its newest integration with Forensiq, by Impact. 

WaardeX partners with Forensiq by Impact, a leading fraud prevention tool

Forensiq, acquired by Impact in 2016, is the award-winning fraud detection platform, that uses machine-learning and advanced bot fingerprinting to identify and block ad fraud. From October 1st, Forensiq tool capabilities are available through the WaardeX advertising platform.

The key priority at WaardeX is to bring the highest quality inventory to advertisers, allowing them to work in a safe market they desire. To protect clients from the ad fraud, WaardeX uses trusted and innovative technologies, and now Forensiq, a top fraud prevention tool, is among them. By integrating Forensiq solution, WaardeX offers its clients an additional guarantee that their ads are displaying in the brand safe environment without fraudulent impressions.

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