4 types of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising covers several different types of deals: Real-Time Bidding (Open Auctions and Private Auctions), Programmatic Direct and Preferred Deals.

Programmatic advertising

Let’s discover the difference between each type.

First, what is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising (also referred to as programmatic ad buying, programmatic marketing) is the technology of buying ad spaces almost without involving people in the media buying process. All the buying operations are performed automatically, through the advertising platform.

What is Real-Time Bidding (RTB)?

This is the buying of ads through an auction, which occurs while the page loads.

At an auction, advertisers compete for the digital advertising space. All bids are automatic, no humans are involved. The highest bid wins the auction, and the internet user sees winning advertising immediately after the page loads. The process is similar to eBay auctions, but it’s much faster – takes milliseconds to be finished. Real-Time Bidding covers Open Auctions and Private Auctions.

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Real time binding

  • Open Auction. Also referred to as Real-Time Bidding, Open Exchange, Open Marketplace. Open Auction inventory of a particular publisher is available for all advertisers. It means that any advertiser can take part in the auction and compete for ad spaces.
  • Private Auction. Also referred to as Invitation-only Auctions, Private Marketplace, Private Access. Unlike the Open Auction, Private Auction makes it possible for publishers to sell their inventory only to selected advertisers, through the auction.

Open Auction

What is Programmatic Direct?

Programmatic Direct also referred to as Automated Guaranteed, Programmatic Guaranteed, Programmatic Premium or Programmatic Reserved. It’s a method of buying guaranteed ad impressions in advance from a particular web publisher. Programmatic Direct doesn’t involve auctions, prices are direct and impressions are guaranteed. Still, the process is automated and doesn’t require much human work. Advertiser and publisher negotiate the number of impressions and prices, the campaign works programmatically.


What are Preferred Deals?

In Preferred Deals, there is no auction and prices are fixed. The process of buying goes partly through negotiation, partly programmatically. Unlike Programmatic Direct, the advertiser has the choice of whether to buy the impression or not. The publisher would say “This ad space is yours if you want it, otherwise, I will sell it in the Open Auction.” So, advertisers can buy the inventory at a negotiable fixed price before it becomes available in the Open Auction.