9 tips to consider when choosing a programmatic advertising platform

Advertising platform

We know that choosing the programmatic advertising platform (Demand-Side Platform) is a hard thing to do, there are so many options. That’s why we’ve picked 9 factors to help you select the platform that best suits your business goals.

1. Programmatic advertising platform reach

Programmatic advertising platform gives access to the inventory, i.e., advertising placements on different websites to reach your audience. While choosing the platform, consider what countries and cities the provider can reach. Check if the platform you choose allows you to reach your target audience. Where are your potential customers located?

2. Devices

On what kind of devices do you want to run your campaigns? Some advertising platforms provide you with inventory on desktop, mobile websites and applications. These are multi-platform DSPs, like WaardeX advertising platform. Others only give access to mobile or desktop traffic. Choose the platforms that fit your marketing goals the best.

3. Advertising formats

The most popular formats for advertising are banner, video, and native. Some advertising platforms give you access to all formats. These are omnichannel DSPs, like the WaardeX advertising platform. Others provide you with a particular type of advertising, for example, only native. Select an advertising platform that has all the ad formats you are looking for. What formats do you want to use?

4. Targeting

Another criterion to consider is the list of targeting options available. Every platform must have a range of standard targeting capabilities. These are site category, device type, operating system, connection type, location, language, carrier etc. Make sure the DSP you choose has them. If standard options are not enough, check other targeting capabilities, like connections to Data Management Platforms, the possibility of adding device IDs, and the use of other third-party data. What targeting options do you need?

5. Support

Advertising platforms also differ in their support. There are two types of services provided: self-served and managed. In self-served platforms, you personally work with the interface; in managed platforms, your account manager works for you. Sometimes the vendor provides you with both service options or gives you the option of mixing. While choosing a self-served platform, make sure you explore the knowledge base, training, type of support (e-mail, ticket, skype, working hours), and time zones. When choosing the managed platform, make sure you have the access to the interface, and analyze pricing for the service. What do you want from the support team?

6. Fees

Pay attention to what costs are included for the platform use. They differ by the vendor. Some platforms have additional fees, or monthly payments for the platform usage, while others have high or no minimum spends, or contractual commitments. Pricing will be different for self-served and managed services. Make sure you have all the information you need about all the fees before using the advertising platform.

7. Brand safety

Advertising fraud is a big issue in today’s programmatic advertising. It’s important to choose an advertising platform that protects your brand from low-quality inventory. The vendor should monitor low-quality traffic and block it, providing you with transparent reporting on where your ads were shown. For this purpose, platforms use fraud prevention tools and carry out manual checks. Findhow the vendors fight against ad fraud.

8. Product usability

Make sure the interface of the platform is user-friendly and easy to understand. The design is also one of the choice points. To understand if the platform is the right fit for you, ask vendors to give you access and allow you to just play with the platform, try to set up a campaign and choose the one that is most comfortable for you to use.

9. Method of buying

Programmatic technology gives you the option of buying ads using different methods: Open Auctions, Private Auctions, Direct Deals. The most popular method of buying is the Open Auction, but if you need to arrange private deals make sure the platform you choose offers this.

Here at WaardeX our clients work with a unified omni-channel platform, and advertise their products or services on desktop and mobile, worldwide or locally. Try our accessible and useful advertising platform and watch your revenue grow. Programmatic advertising with WaardeX is easy.