Let’s understand programmatic


Programmatic ad buying has changed digital advertising. Still, some people are struggling to understand what all the fuss is about. Let's uncover it!

What is programmatic advertising?

Unlike traditional advertising, which involves requests for proposals, human negotiations and manual intentions of orders, programmatic buying is fully automated. There is no need to negotiate with websites directly, machines do it for you. Basically, programmatic advertising is a method of buying digital ads in an automated way.

How does it work? You buy ad placements through the advertising platform. In the platform, you choose where, when and to whom you want to show your ads. After doing this, you are able to start displaying ads across a wide range of websites.

What benefits does programmatic advertising give?

Programmatic advertising is effective. It minimizes the manual work, gives access to the inventory through one platform and shows your results in real-time.

Real-time data helps to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can easily follow where your ads were displayed and how much engagement they received. Use this data to optimize your performance or reinvest in a more efficient targeting area.

Targeting helps you to directly reach users who may become your future customers. You can target an audience using a wide range of metrics. Also, you can re-target users who have visited your website.

Programmatic advertising also helps to optimize your budgets with machine learning technology - by impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Around 3.5 billion people in the world use the Internet daily. Programmatic advertising helps you reach people globally or locally, through one advertising platform.

What is my role in programmatic advertising?

Your role is mostly intellectual. Plan the strategy, set up an advertising campaign and then optimize it to reach your goals.

When planning the strategy decide to whom, where and when you want to show ads.

When setting up a campaign through the platform choose the necessary setting options to make your marketing strategy live.

And after that, it's time to observe performance, analyze and optimize if needed.

How to start advertising with programmatic technology?

First, you need to choose the advertising platform you want to work with, register and explore its setting options. After this, you can start advertising using programmatic technology. Here at WaardeX, you are able to advertise your product or service through the easy-to-use unified advertising platform we have built. Try it, advertising with WaardeX is easy.

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Programmatic advertising simplifies the ad buying process and helps optimize budgets. Even if you don’t use programmatic advertising yet, the global trend shows us that someday you will.