WaardeX and Anzu.io announce new partnership

Now, WaardeX customers have access to VR/AR, PC, console and mobile in-app supply of Anzu.io, a blended in-game advertising platform.

The access consists of Anzu.io native inventory, including Blended/ banners, Logos, Audio, Video, and HTML5. The company owns 3D ad tracker ensuring impressions and measuring ad viewability quality.

The supply can be reached in real-time through WaardeX’s user-friendly advertising platform. For more info about the inventory go here (video, 2:06 min). Inventory examples: Dinosaur Simulator, Zombie Sniper.

“We give our customers an opportunity to run campaigns through Anzu.io’s native supply programmatically. Advertisers now are able to incorporate additional fully blended in-game placements into their media plans,” said Roman Antropov, CEO of WaardeX. “We’re excited to partner with Anzu.io and to provide meaningful programmatic experience to our joint customers.”

WaardeX is a global provider of unified, cross-channel and multi-platform marketing technology solutions. Anzu.io is a blended in-game advertising platform, provides technology, which optimizes 2D creatives and blends them into digital 3D environments in real time.

For more information, please, visit anzu.io & waardex.com.