WaardeX integrates with DoubleClick Ad Exchange


WaardeX signed an agreement with DoubleClick AdExchange. Starting from July 2018, Google traffic is available via the WaardeX advertising platform.

WaardeX customers will now have access to all mobile web, mobile in-app, video and desktop inventory of Google’s real-time bidding marketplace. New supply can be reached from the company’s advertising platform – a unified programmatic advertising solution for mobile, display, native and video channels.

“By integrating new inventory into the system we are opening more opportunities for our clients,” says Roman Antropov, CEO at WaardeX. “Google provides quality placements, which is what we value most in our company. We hope new inventory will add more value for all users of our platform”.

The DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a real-time marketplace to buy and sell display advertising space. WaardeX is a global provider of unified, cross-channel and multi-platform marketing technology solutions. For more information please visit: doubleclickbygoogle.com and waardex.com.