Remarketing Feature

On average, only 2% of visitors convert when they visit your site

Remarketing is used to bring back the other 98%

With the help of WaardeX advertising platform you can remind your clients that they wanted to solve a problem and why your product offers the best solution​

  • Our remarketing feature will help you to keep reminding your potential customers of your brand after they have navigated away without acting
  • Remarketing campaigns allow you to reach the visitors with specific ads and convince them to convert for your offer
  • Remarketing campaigns work because they show ads to those visitors who’ve already expressed an interest in your product


There are two basic goals you can set for your remarketing campaigns:

Awareness campaigns will increase the familiarity with your company’s overall message and the services or products you offer. They are targeted at visitors who haven’t interacted a lot with your business.

Conversion campaigns should target visitors who are more familiar with your brand, but still haven’t committed to your offer. A remargeting campaign will make them click on the ad, direct them to a post-click landing page, and convince them to convert. A conversion could be a purchase, a signup or a download.

Here’s a quick overview of remargeting in action

The effectiveness of remarketing campaigns:

  • They will bring you the highest lift in your brand search by 1,046%
  • The average CTR of remarketing campaigns is 10x higher than that of regular display ads
  • Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert compared to ones who aren’t​

Contact us, and our team will create remargeting journey scenarios for your customers